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  653. Norma R. Gattsek
  654. Homeless Children’s Playtime Project
  655. Jodi Jacobson
  656. Make the Road New Jersey
  657. Junta for Progressive Action
  658. Nikki Madsen, Abortion Care Network
  659. Robert Krikourian
  660. Naomi Ishisaka
  661. National Guestworker Alliance
  662. North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  663. San Francisco Day Labor Program and Women’s Collective
  664. Women and Justice Project
  665. Sonia Silbert, Washington Peace Center
  666. CHOICES. Memphis Center for Reproductive Health
  667. Farmworker Association of Florida
  668. Student Power Networks and Vote Mob
  669. Generation Justice
  670. C. Davida Ingram
  671. Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta
  672. National Organization for Women, Montgomery County Chapter
  673. Women In Media and News (WIMN)
  674. Beaver Valley NOW
  675. James Povijua
  676. Working Narratives
  677. Student Debt Crisis
  678. Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Carlsbad, CA
  679. North County Immigration Task Force
  680. James Muhammad
  681. Raquiba LaBrie
  682. African Communities Together
  683. Umi Selah
  684. Child Care Resources of Rockland, Inc.
  685. Japanese American Citizens League
  686. Mary Ellen Loch
  687. Women for Genuine Security
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  690. Dominican Development Center
  691. Phoebe Song
  692. The Workplace Project
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  694. Central American Resource Center-LA
  695. Unity Housecleaners LLC
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  697. Pramila Jayapal
  698. Devin Henry
  699. Voces De La Frontera
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  708. Generation Justice
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  710. Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta
  711. National Organization for Women, Montgomery County Chapter
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  715. Working Narratives
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  720. Raquiba LaBrie
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  726. Women for Genuine Security
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  729. Dominican Development Center
  730. Phoebe Song
  731. The Workplace Project
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  734. Unity Housecleaners LLC
  735. Uma Rao
  736. Pramila Jayapal
  737. Devin Henry
  738. Voces De La Frontera
  739. Ogonnaya Dotson Newman
  740. Momina Butt
  741. Brian McLauchlin, SVD
  742. Kevin Vaught
  743. The Reverend Canon Susan Russell
  744. West Alabama Women’s Center Inc.
  745. All Saints Church, Pasadena – CA
  746. Peace Action West
  747. Bouzas-Clark Family
  748. Phil Hutchigs
  749. Julie Wormser
  750. Grandmothers Against War – SF/Bay Area
  751. Libero Della Piana
  752. Massachusetts Peace Action
  753. Quixote Foundation
  754. Rev. Jennifer Butler, Faith in Public Life
  755. Media Mobilizing Project
  756. Media Alliance
  757. Encuentro
  758. Global Action Project
  759. Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)
  760. Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic
  761. Moishe Kavod House Boston
  762. Rodef Sholom
  763. Michael Wong
  764. Henry Lowendorf, Co-Chair Greater New Haven Peace Council
  765. Bernice Ermis
  766. Asian Americans for Peace and Justice
  767. Lawrence Abbott
  768. Tom Hocking
  769. North Coast Coalition for Palestine
  770. Lilith Rogers
  771. Natalie Foster
  772. Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), Seattle chapter
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  774. Rahf Mriod
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  776. Make It Work Campaign
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  778. Jeremy Heimans, Purpose
  779. Grace Shimizu
  780. Mary Stevens
  781. Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  782. Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, MomsRising
  783. Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Coalition
  784. Story of Stuff Project
  785. Story of Stuff Project
  786. South Asian Bar Association of North America
  787. Theresa Ullrich
  788. Food Empowerment Project
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  790. Elizabeth Lasensky
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  792. Economic Policy Institute
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  807. Ellen Wasfi